Prof. Mentore Vaccari, PhD

Brief CV


       1999: M.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Brescia (Italy)

       2003: Ph.D. in Sanitary Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy)

       2004-2005: Post-doctoral researcher in Sanitary Engineering at the University of Brescia

Work address

·        University of Brescia, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering and of Mathematics, Via Branze n. 43, 25125 Brescia – Italy

·        Tel: + 39 030 3711300

·        E-mail:

Current position

·        Since 2019: Associate Professor of “Sanitary and Environmental Engineering” at the University of Brescia

·        Since 2017: Head of the University Laboratory of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering placed in Brixiambiente plant (Maclodio, BS)

·        Since 2020: Director of “CeRAR – Research centre for remediation and regeneration of brownfields and contaminated sites” at the University of Brescia (

Further academic activity

·        2005-2019: Assistant Professor of “Sanitary and Environmental Engineering” at the University of Brescia

·        A.Y. 2016/17-2018/19: Adjunct Professor of “Solid waste and contaminated land” at the University of Brescia

·        A.Y. 2005/06-2015/16: Adjunct Professor of “Design of Treatment Plants for Water, Waste and Contaminated Soil”, University of Brescia

       A.Y. 2010/11: External Professor of “Wastewater Treatment Plants”, University of Roma Tre

       A.Y. 2003/04-2004 /05: External Professor of “Sanitary and Environmental Engineering”, University of Pavia-Mantua

       Coordinator of several International Summer Schools on environmental protection in developing Countries

       2005-present: Lecturer in 40+ doctoral programs and professional courses in Italy

Supervision of students and research fellows

       Since A.Y. 2000/01: Supervisor of around 100 BSc and MSc theses at the University of Brescia, University of Pavia, University of Northampton (UK), University of Novi Sad (Serbia)

       Since 2004: Supervisor of 16 PhD theses at University of Brescia

       Since 2011: Supervisor of 9 research fellows at University of Brescia

Scientific activity

       Since 2000: Research activity about drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste management (i.e. collection, treatment, recovery, disposal), contaminated site remediation, health risk assessment, circular economy and industrial symbiosis, appropriate technologies for developing Countries

       Scientific collaboration with 40+ Italian and foreign research centres

       Member of the Management Committee of the following EU Cost Action: “ES1407 - European network for innovative recovery strategies of rare earth and other critical metals from electric and electronic waste (ReCreew)” (2015-19); “Mining the European Anthroposphere (MINEA)” (2016-2020); “Implementing nature based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city” (since 2018)

       Since 2018: Referent of University of Brescia in the “Network Italiano di Simbiosi Industriale - Symbiosis Users Network (SUN)”

       Since 2000: Principal investigator or coordinator of 30+ research programmes and international cooperation projects funded by public Insitutions (e.g. UE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regions) and private companies. List of 5 selected projects:

o   2005-2008: Somalia Urban Development Programme, funded by the European Union

o   2007-2011: Participative gestion des ressources forestières Economique et d'Initiatives promotion éco- compatibles dans la Vallée du Logone, funded by the European Union

o   2010-2013: Environmental protection and sustainable development: Building Local Capacities on solid waste management in South Sudan, funded by the European Union

o   2016-2019: EU Support to Jordan Response to the Syrian Crisis - Livelihood projects, funded by the European Union

o   2019-2021: Circular economy in olive oil and wine sectors. Valorisation of by-products and residues through innovative processes and new business models, funded by Fondazione Cariplo, Milan

       2008-2013: member of the School Committee of the PhD in "Methods and techniques appropriate in International Development Cooperation " at the University of Brescia

       Since 2013: member of the School Committee of the PhD in " Civil and Environmental Engineering, International cooperation and Mathematics " at the University of Brescia

Publications and Conferences

       Since 2000: speaker at 110+ conferences

       Since 2014: coordinator of 10 conferences

       Since 2000: author of 260+ scientific publications (the complete list is available on

       Selection of recent publications:

o   G. Vinti, V. Bauza, T. Clasen, K. Medlicott, T. Tudor, C. Zurbrugg, M. Vaccari. Municipal solid waste management and adverse health outcomes: a systematic review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2021, 18, 4331

o   F. Duarte Castro, L. Cutaia, M. Vaccari, End-of-life automotive lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) in Brazil: prediction of flows and revenues by 2030. Resource, Conservation and Recycling, 2021, 169, 105522

o   S. Gibellini, M. Vaccari. Application of risk analysis to landfills in Italy: developed and tested methodology at provincial level. Waste Management & Research, 2021, 39(3), 427-437

o   A. Chebbi, A. Franzetti, F. H. Gomez Tovar, S. Sbaffoni, M. Vaccari. Potentials of winery and olive oil residues for the production of rhamnolipids and other biosurfactants: A step towards achieving a circular economy model. Waste and biomass valorization, 2021, 12, 4733-4743

o   G. Bertanza, S. Mazzotti, F.H. Gomez, M. Nenci, M. Vaccari, S.F. Zetera. Implementation of circular economy in the management of municipal solid waste in an Italian medium-sized city: A 30-years lasting history. Waste Management, 126, 2021, 821-831

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o   T. G. Ambaye, M. Vaccari, E. D. van Hullebusch, A. Amrane, S. Rtimi. Mechanisms and adsorption capacities of biochar for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from industrial wastewater. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2021, 18(10), 3273–3294

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o   G. Bertanza, M. Canato, G. Laera, M. Vaccari, M. Svanström, S. Heimersson. A comparison between two full-scale MBR and CAS municipal wastewater treatment plants: techno-economic-environmental assessment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (2017), 17383–17393

o   S. Lee, M. Vaccari, T. Tudor. Considerations for choosing appropriate healthcare waste management treatment technologies: A case study from an East Midlands NHS Trust, in England. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135 (2016), 139–147

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